About CVS

CVS is a leading Business Rent and Rates Specialist and has been providing professional and trusted advice to occupiers of commercial premises for the last 17 years, with the specific aim of reducing rent and rates, two major business costs. This expert advice, combined with our primary services of business rent and business rates reductions, has ensured thousands of businesses are paying a fair level of business rates and have also secured the best possible terms on their rents.

During the 2010 rating period CVS lodged over 60,000 business rates appeals for our clients, which in turn, has produced millions of pounds worth of savings in the form of tax refunds. Further to this, we are the ‘Tenant’s Choice’ and we have worked with businesses nationwide, across a wide portfolio of property types, to reduce their rent liabilities and secure beneficial lease terms.

Our services deliver the best terms possible for two of the highest costs to businesses.

We have a national network of trusted Chartered Surveyors, each with a unique insight and knowledge on a diverse range of property types and localities. Our results focused business model is unique and the knowledge of our carefully assembled team ensures our focus on rent and rates produces outcomes that are second to none.

Why CVS?

  • CVS has an excellent track record. In rating we have an average reduction rate of 9.2%, an industry enviable average. In rent we have reduced our clients rent liabilities by an average of 10.4%
  • CVS is results focused. There are no upfront charges and we work entirely on a performance fee related basis, ensuring our clients have peace of mind that their interests are exactly the same as their advisors
  • CVS holds a comprehensive database of comparable property information containing evidence that is critical to appeals and lease negotiations
  • CVS delivers a streamlined service to clients and ensures all savings opportunities are maximised
  • CVS is client centric and our focus is to ensure we provide comprehensive client care. You will receive one to one support from your dedicated Account Manager who will guide you through the entire process
  • CVS is regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and employs experienced Surveyors who are professional experts in their field

Our business model ensures we take a strategic approach to suit each of our clients’ individual needs, providing a focused rent and rates service that ensures the best possible agreements and terms in every case.

To find out how you can benefit from partnering with a UK leading Business Rent and Rates Specialist please request a call back and one of our specialist team will be in touch.

See our case studies to see how we have helped businesses like yours in the past.