Government Gateway

During the 2017 Rating List, business rates will be managed through the Government Gateway – an online platform which allows access to national and local online government services safely and securely. Ratepayers will be required to set up a secure account and invite their Rating Agent electronically to manage the process.

If you already have a Government Gateway account you can login and follow the steps to claim your property or properties and appoint CVS as your Agent.

If you do not already have a Government Gateway account you will need to register. Once you have registered you can go on to claim your property or properties and appoint CVS as your Agent.

The CVS Agent Code is 36749

You will be asked to provide this at the 'Appoint Agent' stage. We will be in touch with all CVS clients to provide further guidance and support for Government Gateway registration, and every step of the way through the new 'Check. Challenge. Appeal.' process.

Government Gateway Authentication Steps

  1. Register your details
  2. Register the business
  3. Claim your property from the Rating List data
  4. Appoint a professional agent to act on your behalf (using the agent code)
  5. The process would need to be repeated for each property

Need a helping hand?

Our step by step guide walks you through the registration process:

Registering for the online service

Or give our dedicated Government Gateway Team a call on 0800 193 0206, they will be happy to help.


As the Government Gateway process is a new system in the context of business rates appeals, further changes may be implemented by the Valuation Office Agency.

Over the last 17 years, CVS has helped our clients to save over £750 million – savings achieved over successive Ratings Lists, working within the ever changing business rate landscape.

Our team has the experience to navigate the evolving business rates system, consistently achieving the most favourable results for our clients. With the right professional advice, ratepayers can assess whether their rateable value is correct and whether they are paying the correct amount.